Mix-IT aura lieu les 20 et 21 avril 2017 à Lyon.

A cette occasion, Catalina Dobrica, développeuse, viendra nous expliquer son métier en Roumanie où la parité homme / femme dans ce domaine est une normalité contrairement en France.

Voici une petite interview afin de mieux la connaître avant son passage à Lyon.


Hello Catalina,

Véro : Can you tell me more about you and your background ?

Catalina : I’m a 25-year-old coder still working on my first job out of college. I don’t have much of a background but I have a passion for my work and a drive to always get just a bit better than the day before.


Véro : What made you want to code?

Catalina : I love puzzles. Out of everything I could’ve done, finding a solution for a convoluted maze of requirements seemed like a good thing for me to do every day for the better part of my life.  Add to that a natural inclination towards Maths and logic and the decision to go into coding was a no-brainer for me. I’ve never regretted it.


Véro : What do you like about your job?

Catalina : As I said, I love puzzles. Discovering a new way to fix a problem it is one of my favourite things to do. I also get to learn something every day and, as a little girl, my life’s ambition was to live forever and learn everything there is to know in the world. This is the next best thing.


Véro : What are your passions when you are not coding?

Catalina : I like the usual suspects: movies - can’t get enough, board games - I gathered a few dozens over the years, video games, escape rooms - who wouldn’t want to escape a room full of their friends?, and walks - is there a better way to unwind? Over the past couple of years I’ve also tried adding new hobbies - some stuck, some didn’t but fun was had. (Kiting, drawing and sewing, to list a few).


Véro : You will talk about Being a girl who codes in Roumania at Mix-IT. Could you tell us more ?

Catalina : I never liked the “because you’re a girl” argument as a reason for anything. Not to clean up around the house, not to stop playing with the horses and definitely not to stop following my dreams. I have an elder brother. We’re both coders. Being a girl never made a difference for me and it shouldn’t for anyone.

Thank you very much Catalina,

See you at Mix-IT on Friday 20th April at 1:30 PM!