usiAt the USI conference, we met Nancy Duarte who talked about Resonate: Use Stories and Symbols to create a Movement.


She wrote a book on this topic : Resonate: Present Visual Stories that Transform Audiences.

Nancy explains why every good story is about a transformation. She analyzed the structure of some very known speeches. She talks about the power of spoken words to convey a message, for a presentation or any other project. She emphasizes on the importance of choosing the right words, to bring ideas to the real world, and change the world.

Nancy is very passionate, and her experience is an example worth following as an inspiration for every women, who often tend to take the back seat where they should be leading.

It is with this advice that she ends her talk at the conference :  ”You have the power to change your own world”.



You can download the interview in ogg or mp3

More about her work and books.